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21 November

Planning the Holiday Party of the

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The holiday season is a time of pure joy for countless people all around. There are so many things that make the holidays memorable and rewarding. Great parties are just one big example. If you’re in charge of hosting an upcoming holiday gathering, you have many duties on your plate. Heading a holiday party is without a doubt a significant responsibility. You have to find the perfect venue, first of all. Then you have to find suitable entertainment, food and interior decorations. It can be tough to find high-quality holiday venues. Competition is fierce. If you’re careful and meticulous, however, you should be successful. People often turn to country clubs to host gatherings of all kinds.


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03 November

The Holiday Season is Coming!

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The autumn and winter holidays can be hectic! It’s almost time to ramp up your holiday planning. Don’t wait till three weeks out to invite friends and family; people book travel months in advance. Send out invites for Thanksgiving or winter parties as early as you can. Once you’re done planning for a successful, event-filled holiday season, relax and have brunch with Santa right here at Montclair Country Club.

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