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The Montclair Country Club offers two “Clubs within the Club”, one for the men and one for the ladies. The Montclair Men’s Golf Association (MMGA) and the Montclair Ladies’ Golf Association (MLGA) are two associations that are optional for Members, however in order to join, all Members must be current Golf Members of Montclair Country Club to participate.

For more information on the Men’s Golf Association, please visit:

Montclair Men’s Golf Association (MMGA)

The men play approximately ten tournaments per year. The formats differ each tournament but all are played on two consecutive days (Saturday and Sunday). The men’s season begins in March and continues through early November. Each event has a minimal entry fee, of which 100% goes into a prize pool, paid out to the top finishers in the way of club credit … which can be used on merchandise and/or food & beverage throughout the year!

The ladies play a tournament each week. The ladies play their events on Tuesdays and Saturdays to accommodate all schedules. Tournament sign up sheets are posted in the ladies’ locker room. Most tournaments are one day events and played on Saturday for the Saturday ladies and on Tuesday for the Tuesday Ladies. The Ladies begin their season the first Tuesday in April and continue until the first Saturday in November. The MLGA also hosts the MLGA Member Guest, their marquee event, which is typically played in early June!

Montclair Ladies Golf Association (MLGA)


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