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  • August 29, 2018
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10 Things to Have in Your Wedding
Emergency Kit

Every bride puts in a tremendous amount of preparation for her wedding day; months or even years are spent planning every little detail of the big day. Unfortunately, there are still things that can go wrong, no matter how prepared the bride or how big the budget. A wedding emergency kit can help the soon-to-be-wed ensure a smooth, successful day.


  • Sewing Kit

A small sewing kit with thread, needle, safety pins, buttons, and scissors is essential in your emergency kit. If a piece of lace on your veil begins to separate or a button on your dress comes undone, you’ll be very happy you packed this must-have.


  • Clear Nail Polish

Clear nail polish is a great standby in case of a chipped nail or a run in someone’s pantyhose. For pantyhose, just apply a line of the nail polish along the edge of the run.


  • Bobby Pins

A few bobby pins to keep flyaways out of place or make a stubborn veil stay where it’s supposed to will be handy to have in the kit.


  • Makeup Remover Wipes

Even if the bride (and bridesmaids) are having their makeup professionally done, a retouch of lipstick gone wrong is not something anyone wants captured on film for a lifetime.


  • Bottled Water

It’s easy for a bride on her big day to forget to eat or even drink but it is exceptionally important for her to stay hydrated. Hopefully she’ll remember but if not, a bottle of water in the emergency kit will be a gentle reminder and there will be no excuse.


  • Medication

Ibuprofen or a similar medication is important to have – a headache on a bride’s special day would be disastrous. If the bride has any prescription medications, it’s ideal to have at least one of everything as well.


  • Stain Remover Pen

Stain remover is always a good idea and an even better idea on the wedding day. Someone is bound to get something on their clothes.


  • Super Glue

Whether it’s a gem falling off an earring, a nail that has fallen off, or even a heel that breaks, super glue fixes a myriad of crises that can happen on a wedding day. Every bride better have this little secret weapon if she wants a smooth day.


  • Oil-Absorbing Sheets

Makeup is an essential, not an emergency kit item. But a bride may forget that in the hours leading up to the wedding, she may be likely to get a little oily. Some oil-absorbing sheets will take care of the problem without messing up the makeup.


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