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wedding decor
28 September
  • September 28, 2020
  • 3 min read
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10 Ways To Make Your Wedding Unique

Many couples dream of a memorable wedding, something unique that will stand out in their guests’ minds. With many traditions like having a veil, exchanging vows, cake cutting, and more, weddings can start to all have the same feel. How can you make your wedding unique? What makes a wedding one-of-a-kind? 

If you are in the process of planning your big day and are looking for ways to make it more unique and unforgettable, then this article is for you. 


  • Put a stamp on your engagement photos

Your engagement photos are equally important as other steps in the planning process. It is the introduction of your big day. Make your session more personalized. Choose a theme and incorporate props that describe you as a couple. 


  • Put a twist on the ceremony

Hey, it’s your wedding day. No one will stop you from doing things your way. While the classic Pachelbel’s Canon processional music is beautiful to walk to if you find it too traditional then you can opt for a more personalized love song to be played as your march. And instead of being “given away” by your parents, why not choose to walk down the aisle alone, so the spotlight is solely on you. Or why not walk down the aisle together hand in hand with your partner? The possibilities are endless. 


  • Personalize your wedding venue

Enjoy the guests’ faces in awe as they enter your wedding reception by adding a personal touch in the seating pattern. Instead of the typical rows of seats, consider having the chairs set as a semi-circle, spiral, or full circle. You can also consider having benches, sofas, or picnic blankets instead of the traditional chairs depending on your venue and theme.


  • Incorporate your style on the décor

Unleash your creative juices by adding a personal touch on your wedding decorations. Take the table names one step further by showing personality in it. Instead of the traditional table numbers, why not put the title of your favorite songs and the artists on the reception tables. Or place pictures of you and your partner in a frame on the assigned table. 


  • Let your guests know that they are special

Typically, the guests will take care of their transportation. However, you can change this tradition and make your guests feel that they are special by providing transportation for them. This will be a big plus for older guests. Thank your guests by handing them a handwritten note or card thanking them for coming on your big day.


  • Create your playlist

We all like to listen to love songs, especially at weddings. One way to personalize your wedding and make it more unique is by creating your playlist. Whether it’s the classic mellow love songs or the lively dance songs, you can have your dream reception with it. 


  • Make your wedding entertainment memorable

DJ’s and Emcee’s? Nah, they are too common. Why not hire a jazz band to liven up the atmosphere and bring your guests to the dance floor? Then end the celebration with a blast with fireworks display. 


  • Prepare wedding favors that guests can use

The wedding favors are the best way to show your personality as a couple. While a photo frame is a great way to add on to their collection, it would be nicer to give something that they can use such as silicone drinkware or cool sunglasses, especially if you are having a garden or beach wedding.


  • Don’t forget the wedding exit

Don’t let the fun stop after leaving the venue. Make sure that your big day will leave an imprint on your guests’ memory. The tossing of rice is meant to attract prosperity and good fortune. However, you can make a twist on this tradition by having your family and friends send you off with loud and festive music on tambourines and other noisemakers. 


  • Choose the right venue

The venue is one of the most important aspects of a wedding. It can make or break the atmosphere of the event. Choose a venue that is romantic yet festive, and will make your guests feel comfortable. 

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