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montclair country club
24 May
  • May 24, 2019
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3 Steps Towards Creating A Perfect
Summer Wedding!

So, you finally locked it down and are ready to start creating the wedding of your dreams? Congratulations! You’ve always imagined it: beautiful summer dresses and a warm wind blowing through your hair as you say your vows. No other time of year will do, you want to see everybody there, enjoying the summer at a wedding they’ll never forget. It sounds magical. But reality can catch up with the unprepared, and weddings take a lot of work. How can you ensure that your special day does not end up ruined by something out of your control?

Here are a few things to keep in mind to guarantee your special summer day is as perfect in reality as it is in your mind.

  1. Prepare for the Weather.


Summer is a season of the greatest weather year-round, right? Well, that depends on the day. Summer weather patterns can bring unexpected rain -or worse, hail, as often as blue skies, so keep an eye on the forecast far in advance. Plan accordingly and choose a day in the center of a patch of sunny sky days if possible. Also, remember that the sun is fun for a while but can cause serious sunburns to the unsuspecting attendee. Consider providing shade for guests, and perhaps sunblock, ensuring that everybody has a safe and wonderful time. Also, make sure to think ahead about food and drink if the reception is held outside. Ensure all perishable food is well stored away from the heat.


  1. Location Location, Location!


A surprisingly high number of newly engaged couples wait until the last minute to begin searching for a venue; often to find that the location can’t support their dream wedding. To avoid this disaster, make sure to scope out your venue as early as possible, working around the existing infrastructure if necessary. Make sure to have a fallback location in case of non-compliant weather. Many good locations to consider are indoor/outdoor facilities or event centers which can compensate for all weather conditions, allowing you the full summer experience, with the option of a safe haven in the event of unforeseen precipitation. Another great option to consider is country clubs (such as Montclair!) who are the most experienced in wedding accommodation and provide beautiful scenery too.


  1. Remember, you share the summer with beautiful scenery.


The most important part of an outdoor wedding is remembering that beautiful flora and fauna are out enjoying the sun as well. Bug-proof your wedding with bug spray or traps, to compensate for the presence of some pests, such as Mosquitos and Yellowjackets, who love to ruin a good time. Also, if you’re heading to the great outdoors, follow Boy Scout rule #1 and leave no trace. Ensure you leave with everything you brought. The earth will reward you with a beautiful day in return.


Keep these 3 tips in mind, and you’ll be the master of your summer wedding! Contact us at Montclair and let us assist you in planning your dream summer wedding.

Montclair Country Club, Virginia