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  • July 24, 2019
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3 Tips On Starting Golf For
Beginners This Summer

golf lessonsIf it is your first time playing golf, it’s important to get some tips on how to play the game. For first-timers, golf can be challenging. To prevent you from getting frustrated, here are three helpful tips on starting golf for beginners this summer. 

Montclair Country Club, Virginia is the best place for golf lessons in Prince William County. Our Golf pros take care to be kept up to date on all of the latest equipment and techniques.
While we are a privately owned club, Montclair does allow non-members to obtain individual and group lessons at a slightly higher rate than Members.

Learn the proper golf grip

Before you can swing your golf club, you should know how to grip it properly. This is the most basic tip for beginners. A bad grip can result in a bad swing. There are three ways to hold your golf club. The ten-finger grip or the baseball grip is ideal for ladies or those people with smaller hands. The second grip is the overlapping grip which is very common to pro golfers. The third variation is the interlocking grip wherein the forefinger of the top hand is interlocked between the bottom hand’s little and ring finger. 

Learn the putting stroke

Putting is a very important skill in golf. In fact, it accounts for about 40% of your game.  Remember, you can’t make more putts if you don’t have the right fundamentals. Putting strokes resembles a pendulum. To achieve it perfectly, your shoulders must be leveled. Keep your shoulders square so the putter will swing just right. Having the right setup on the greens is the secret to getting more putts. 


A chip shot is a shot that a player makes from close to the green. You may think that chipping is easy to achieve since you are closer to the green. However, there are many intervening conditions that may prevent you from scoring. Aside from that, you have to make sure that your hit is just enough for the ball to pop briefly into the air before it hits the ground and rolls into the hole. To execute quality recovery shots, you need to know how to do it properly. If you have the ball too far back in your stance, move it to the center of your stance and forward your weight a little. That way, your club will do its work.

Golf tips for beginners could go on and on. There are so many things that you need to put into consideration when playing golf. Make sure to understand that it is ok not to get everything perfect. The most important thing is that you enjoy the game. 

Montclair Country Club, Virginia