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country club wedding
25 February
  • February 25, 2021
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5 Myths About Country Club Weddings

Planning for your wedding should be done meticulously. After all, you only get to marry the love of your life once. So as much as possible, you would want every detail of it to be perfect, memorable, and sentimental to both of you — from the gown to the decorations and the venue. When it comes to wedding venues, there are so many options to choose from. One of the popular choices for wedding venues is a country club. However, many would hesitate thinking that the facility is expensive and is intended for only club members. Well, this and many more are the misconceptions of country club weddings.

Below are the five myths about country club weddings debunked.

Myth #1: The venue is intended only for the club members

This is one of the most common myths about country club weddings, which hold many couples from hosting their most memorable day in a country club. The truth is, Montclair Country Club is open and welcome to everyone who wants to host their special events at the venue. Others believe that booking a country club wedding will be a waste of money since the venue will be very restrictive and you can’t enjoy other facilities. Here at Montclair Country Club, rest assured that you will enjoy your heart’s content and the facilities and services you booked. Reach us thru email or at (703) 586-6593 for your wedding and other special events. 

Myth #2: Booking the venue is very costly

This myth may have been rooted in the sophisticated and elegant appeal of country clubs. With the breathtaking scenery overlooking the wide course, a beautiful lawn perfect for your solemn event, delicious foods, and five-star service, one will think that Montclair Country Club is very expensive. The good news is, this is just a myth. Montclair Country Club offers the best wedding services for a very competitive price. Plus, some extra perks and discounts that you may enjoy on your booking. 

Myth #3: Country clubs will control your wedding

Montclair Country Club knows how special a wedding is to the couple. We also understand your desire to get the wedding that you have been dreaming of. And this is what Montclair Country Club will give you. No controlling of your plans. No micromanaging. Consider us as the artist and our country club as the canvas, and we will put your dream wedding into life with our breathtaking venue and expert staff. Customer satisfaction is our goal, and we will undoubtedly get that by making you happy and satisfied with the services we provide. 

Myth #4: You can’t enjoy a private gathering in country club wedding

This is a big misconception. You will always have the upper hand in your special event. Montclair Country Club will provide you’re the services you booked, but you will control on the list of who you want to enjoy it with. Club members may have an access pass on the club and its facilities, but they will never get an invitation on your most special day unless you hand it to them. 

Myth #5: Country clubs do not offer full wedding packages

While some country clubs do not offer full wedding packages, this is not the case with Montclair Country Club. We are a full-service venue with indoor and outdoor spaces with a guest capacity of up to 250 guests. Aside from the venue, our rooms are also available for hosting your bridal showers, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, and others.

Montclair Country Club, Virginia