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17 February
  • February 17, 2022
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5 Reasons to Plan a Spring Wedding

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that everyone would want to leave a lasting memory upon. This is where the choice of place and season come in. There’s no better time to plan for a wedding than during spring. This is because spring offers a lot including warmer temperatures and sunshine. The point is to ensure that your guests enjoy the wedding ceremony in a serene and beautiful place.

If you are planning for a wedding, then spring is the best time to arrange one. Some of the benefits of planning a spring wedding include: 

1. Beautiful landscapes

During the spring months, most venues and their surrounding are normally blooming with different colors and aromas. Choosing a venue like Montclair Country Club that has landscaped gardens will be perfect for all those wedding photos. With such a place you don’t have to worry about moving to a different place for a photoshoot session.

2. Spring is synonymous with new beginnings

There are several reasons why many people choose to plan their weddings during the spring months. One of those reasons is that spring symbolizes new beginnings. It is a season of rebirth and renewal right from natural things like plants. What a perfect time to start married life with the love of your life? All you have to do is choose a venue that complements your love for each other.

3. Off-peak packages

Do you want to cut down on your wedding budget by getting discounts and less expensive services? Well, spring is the best season to hold one. This is a period without a lot of events compared to other months of the year like December. As such, you can easily get the best venues at an affordable price. Most service providers also offer discounts during spring to attract customers. The best way to get a good deal is to shop around different vendors and negotiate with them at a favorable rate.

4. In-season flowers

A wedding is not a wedding without flowers. Flowers play a big role when it comes to wedding décor. They have the power to transform the entire reception and wow guests. Spring is a season when flowers blossom everywhere. This means you can literally find almost any type of flower you want at your wedding.

5. A chance for an outdoor ceremony

If you have longed to hold a garden wedding in a conducive and beautiful environment, then spring is the best time to do so. The temperatures and sunshine are just but perfect for such an occasion.

There are several outdoor venues like Montclair Country Club where you can hold your beautiful wedding at affordable rates. 

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