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Outdoor Wedding
08 April
  • April 8, 2020
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6 Ways To Keep Your Guests
Comfortable At An Outdoor Wedding

With you and your better half exchanging solemn vows, being surrounded by people close to your hearts, the perfect venue — what else can you ask for? Everything would be perfect… if only the weather was less hot. 

During an important event in your life, you would want your loved ones and important guests to be as comfortable as possible. While there is no remote control that can turn off the bad weather or reduce the humidity level in the surroundings, you can easily employ the 7 helpful tips below that will ensure the comfort of your guests on your outdoor wedding.

  • Drink stations

While your guests can enjoy a fresh, open air with an outdoor ceremony, they are also exposed to direct sunlight. Too much exposure to sunlight can cause dehydration, so make sure to provide water and refreshments for them. You might want to put drinking stations on the opposite sides of the venue so your guests can easily grab something to drink whichever side they may be situated on. 

On the other hand, if you are having an outdoor ceremony later in the afternoon, consider putting a coffee and tea station as the wind can get chilly during this time. 

  • Umbrellas or parasols

For a wedding ceremony on a sunny spring or a hot summer day, make sure to set up large umbrellas or parasols to provide shade for your guests. Your wedding decorator can decorate and style them so they will complement your theme. This way, you can offer protection and comfort to your guests, and at the same time, you are providing them a great setting for their photo op. 

  • Sunglasses

Another must-have on a bright summer day are sunglasses. Your guests can surely bring their own sunglasses to the ceremony, however, what if some wouldn’t be able to or forgot to carry theirs? Make sure that they will be able to witness the most important event in your life without getting blinded by the sun’s rays by offering them sunglasses. You and your partner can even personalize it and make it your wedding party favors. 

  • Hand Fans

Another comfort you can give to your guests on your ceremony with humid weather is a hand fan. Like sunglasses, you can also personalize your hand fans so that it will serve as your wedding giveaways. You can even write your “thank you” messages to your guests on it so they reread it again whenever they like to. Hand fans are definitely a gift that will give them comfort during the ceremony.

  • Blankets

Some couples would like to have their wedding ceremony in the afternoon while the sun is setting. The wonderful hue of the sun as it fades away in the clouds is magnificent and romantic enough as a background. As the air gets chilly during this time, it would be nice to provide your guests a shawl or an outdoor blanket where they can snuggle and get warm all throughout the ceremony. 

  • Flip flops

Whether you are having a wedding ceremony at the beach or in a wide lawn of a country club, your guests will surely appreciate having relief for their tired feet. You can provide them with an option to change their high heels and closed shoes to a flip flop. Aside from that, it will encourage them to dance and enjoy the celebration more.

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