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30 October
  • October 30, 2020
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A Fall Wedding in Montclair VA

Weddings are always a happy ceremony, filled with love and magic. It symbolizes the union of two individuals vowing to love and cherish each other forever. This time is always magical, but it can also be challenging for couples as planning a wedding is not always a walk in the park. Some things need to be considered and arranged carefully for a wedding to take place successfully.

The perfect season to have a wedding

Weddings can take place all year round or whatever month or date that you choose. Some couples might already have a date in mind, while others may want to consider the time and season first to reduce the risk of encountering situations they might not be able to handle. For example, having an outdoor wedding during the stormy season is difficult. This is the main reason why you should carefully plan your wedding. So while you have the right to choose the date for your wedding, it is important that you consider the season first.

Why consider fall?

Summer might give you less chance of rain, so an outdoor wedding ceremony can be possible, but too much summer heat can give you fewer options. While many choose dates in the springtime, some pick the fall season. Between September and November, the weather is ideal – cool enough so you won’t be sweating in your wedding gown but not so cold that you can’t go outside for an outdoor wedding pictorial. 

A fall wedding in Montclair VA, is a great idea because it can present many wedding opportunities to the couple planning to hold their wedding during this time. Here are several reasons why a fall wedding in Montclair VA, is perfect:

  • The fall colors are gorgeous. Summer and spring weddings will feature pastel colors, and winter will include rich hues like navy blue and deep emerald. However, fall weddings can present you with deep hues of the season such as gold, sage green, burgundy, and other earth tones warm and pleasant to the eyes. 
  • Your pictures will be epic. The fall season can provide the best backdrop for your wedding photos. The foliage, rich color of pumpkins, the beautiful oranges and yellows will be a stunning background for your outdoor photos. 
  • Perfect time for an outdoor ceremony. Fall means cooler temperature and less direct sunlight, which can be comfortable for you and the guests. The seasonal ingredients are delicious, so you should incorporate it on your wedding menu such as hot apple cider and cocktails featuring seasonal fruits. Plus, fall flowers are beautiful such as dahlias, marigolds, and lilies. 

Spring and summer may be popular for stunning weddings, but fall weddings come with their benefits too. From perfect weather to beautiful hues of the fall season, fall should be the most popular season of the year to get married.

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