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23 January
  • January 23, 2018
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Golfers: Five Ways to Improve Your
Swing This Winter

Do you love spending time outdoors on the links? Montclair Country Club, Virginia offers a spectacular setting for playing golf. While you certainly don’t need to play at a PGA level to enjoy this sport, in many cases a player will decide to use the winter months to improve a golf swing. Taking this step offers immense satisfaction the next time you join friends for a competitive match, or volunteer your time at a charity tournament!

One: Track Your Progress

One of the most important tasks to complete to improve your game involves establishing a performance baseline. Have you taken a video of yourself hitting the ball? Make sure you schedule at least one game on the Montclair Golf Course so you can track your scores at every hole. Notice which ones pose the greatest challenges. You’ll want to concentrate on these distances during your practice sessions. The Montclair Pro Shop supplies some useful services you may wish to employ as you prepare to beat your current scores. (For instance, do you need club re-gripping, re-shafting or other golf equipment repair or fitting services? Consider obtaining this assistance during the winter months. Our Pro Shop can assist you.)


Two: Maintain Good Physical Condition

If you don’t already engage in regular exercise, consider incorporating more physical activity into your schedule with a physician’s assistance. Your family doctor can recommend the best exercises for you to undertake to maintain or gain strength in your arms, back and shoulders, and to improve cardiovascular performance. Staying in good shape over the winter will help your golf game!


Three: Meet Our Golf Pro

Consider scheduling a meeting with our golf pro. Montclair Country Club, Virginia specializes in teaching golfers to improve their swings. If you share your interest in this goal with a skilled golf player, you’ll likely receive some very useful suggestions for tailoring your winter practice efforts to meet to your goals.


Four: Practice on The Montclair Driving Range

Plan regular practice sessions this winter on our all-weather driving range. It offers both indoor and outdoor convenience. You can request video stats through Flight Scope during every visit, so you can track your progress with precision. You’ll notice gradual improvement in specific aspects of your swing. Your patient efforts now will thrill you when summer arrives!


Five: Visualize Your Success Repeatedly

Lastly, we recommend you spend a little time every day visualizing yourself playing on the Montclair Country Club, Virginia golf course. See yourself reaching every hole and meeting with success! You’ll help condition yourself to succeed in golf on a visceral level.


Long Term Benefits

Spending time during the winter enhancing your golf swing offers numerous advantages. It improves performance. You’ll also notice physical and mental relaxation benefits, and a growing sense of confidence when you grip your club and prepare to swing. Make our state-of-the-art golfing facility your partner this winter in improving your game!

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