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Company Party
14 December

Why Country Clubs are Great for
Company Parties!

During this time of the year, parties are everywhere! After all, it’s the holiday season. Parties are fun, exciting, and make you feel good. You can socialize with other people, make new friends, see new faces, and when it is a company party, it can mean one thing, no work! Yes, parties are fun but organizing one can be a real challenge. There are a lot of things you need to do to ensure the success of your company party.

Organizing a party requires a lot of planning and work. A successful company party always requires one thing, a great venue. The venue of your party will determine if the party is great or mediocre. It is crucial to choose the right venue for your company party because it sets the mood for the occasion. By creating the right atmosphere, the guests will instantly feel welcome and connected with the event. You don’t have to exert much effort then because your guests will blend in automatically.


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Golf Course
09 November

Golf Course Features Guide: Learn
All the Different Parts of a Golf

Perhaps one of the main attractions of playing golf is the place where you play – the outdoors. Golf courses are usually huge in size with a beautiful, well-coordinated design with lots of greenery on site. In fact, a professional golf player Tom Watson said that “A great golf course both frees and challenges a golfer’s mind”. If you want to increase your chance of winning or just want to improve your game, it would be wise to get familiar with the golf course components. (more…)

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Fall Marriage
14 October

Wedding Ideas For Fall

The best aspect of planning a fall wedding is being able to enjoy the beautifully crisp sunshine and fall colors without too much heat that will make you and your guests uncomfortably.

Planning for a wedding in the fall comes with other benefits and ideas as well. With the cool, crisp weather and gorgeous foliage, it is just the perfect season to get married. The colors of fall such as bright oranges and deep reds are spectacular to see and will give you endless opportunities to create a stylish wedding theme. From outfit suggestions to wedding theme recommendations, fall is just the best season to plan a wedding. (more…)

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Country Club
08 September

Making the Most of Your First 30
Days at a New Club

Golf clubs create a great opportunity to socialize and mingle with people who share similar interests as you. However, joining a new golf club can be intimidating. If you are a new golf club member, remember that those feelings of nervousness are common and you have nothing to be worried about! Don’t let those feelings discourage you from joining a golf club. If you are new to your club, try utilizing these tips to streamline your first 30 days.  (more…)

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06 August

Golf Outings

It is important that people take some time off from their daily routine. It helps them feel relaxed and get to enjoy little things. Some people find comfort when they are painting or cooking. Others are more relaxed when they get to play their favorite sports or hobby. One of the most relaxing hobbies you can enjoy is arranging golf outings with your friends – especially if you are into golf.

The golf course can provide just the perfect place to escape the walls of your office. Golf courses allow you to get out in the open and relax with the surrounding greenery. Playing golf is a good exercise since it requires a lot of walking. By the end of your game, you will certainly get your daily step goals.


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Wedding Venue
07 July

Country Club Weddings – Look No

Your wedding day is one of the most eventful days of your life. After you choose the perfect day for you and your future spouse, you will need to pick a venue to book for that day. Choosing a place to hold your wedding can be overwhelming, especially with so many options available. If you are looking for a traditional setting to hold your wedding, hosting it at a country club never goes out of style.  (more…)

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family country club membership
03 June

Country Club Memberships That Are
Worth It

With summer quickly approaching, more people want to spend time outside in the warm weather but have trouble finding activities that interest them. This stress and confusion can increase with those who have kids and want to keep them busy and active during their summer break.


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Stay Active This Year By Taking
Golf Lessons

Stay with all the uncertainties the world is facing today, it is important that you do your part in taking care of yourself. Remember, there is no better way to take care of your health than staying active despite what is happening around you. The more active you are, the better it is for your body. With so many different sports/activities you can try, which one is perfect for you? If you have been wanting to play golf, now is a great time to do it. (more…)

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Benefits of a Country Club
Membership for the Family

Perhaps you’ve already heard about your neighbors signing up for a country club membership. What exactly does it give you or your family? At first glance, people shy away from joining a country club because they think the membership cost is expensive. Well, the membership cost can cost a lot but can be quite reasonable if you look at the benefits and perks that go with it – especially if you take full advantage of the club’s amenities and facilities. (more…)

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country club wedding
25 February

5 Myths About Country Club Weddings

Planning for your wedding should be done meticulously. After all, you only get to marry the love of your life once. So as much as possible, you would want every detail of it to be perfect, memorable, and sentimental to both of you — from the gown to the decorations and the venue. When it comes to wedding venues, there are so many options to choose from. One of the popular choices for wedding venues is a country club. However, many would hesitate thinking that the facility is expensive and is intended for only club members. Well, this and many more are the misconceptions of country club weddings. (more…)

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Montclair Country Club, Virginia