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montclair country club
30 May
  • May 30, 2018
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Host your next corporate meeting at
Montclair Country Club, Virginia!

As any business owner knows, it is important to keep their employees happy. It’s also important to offer something special for any potential investors. Planning a corporate meeting can be require a lot of attention to detail. Company owners and employees as well as any outside clients need to be on the same page. They also need to be able to concentrate fully on the matter in front of them. One of the best ways to make any meeting more product is with the right setting. A good setting offers many benefits. Everyone attending the meeting can relax in comfort and style. All those attending can also think about the purpose of the meeting and how to best advance the agenda on hand. These are many reasons why many companies choose to hold corporate meetings at Montclair Country Club, Virginia.

A Beautiful Setting

Nestled in the heart of Prince William County, Virginia, the Montclair Country Club, Virginia has been an integral part of the community for many decades. Today, visitors will find plush acres that have been carefully maintained. The secluded area makes it easy to meet in comfort and with minimal distraction. Companies can book several rooms for meetings that offer wonderful views across the entire property. The well designed clubhouse makes it easy to provide enough seating for all members of any party no matter how large. Our setting makes it easy for everyone to feel surrounded by the intense loveliness of the inviting Virginia countryside.


Superb Catering

Another advantage of holding any event at our site are the superb amenities we offer to our guests. We have banqueting and dining services. Our guests can choose from a wide variety of menus that are ideal for any dietary need. Our staffers offer many different possible catering plans. They can suggest the ideal menu for any occasion. For example, if the meeting is primarily during the morning, we offer a full breakfast that lets visitors start the day off on the right note. Great food lets everyone attending think about the important agenda of the day.


Convenient Location

Holding a corporate meeting at our club is also advantageous in that we offer a highly central location. We’re a short hop from I-95. We’re also close to Washington, D.C. and the nearby city of Alexandria. This makes it easy to welcome guests in the entire D.C. area for a meeting away from the hustle and bustle of Washington yet still close to area airports and hotels. Guests from all around the world can easily fly into the regional area. Then, it’s a quick trip down a convenient highway to our space. Companies in the area will also find it easy to use our offices for any important corporate meetings. The Montclair Country Club, Virginia is easy to find from many major roads. It’s also easy to navigate to our destination once in the area. Come join us today for the ideal corporate meeting for your business.

Montclair Country Club, Virginia