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montclair country club
24 June
  • June 24, 2019
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Hosting The Perfect Pool Party At
The Country Club

Hosting a party? Whether it’s an anniversary, a company party, birthday or a tribute party, there is one thing you should always consider – the venue. If you are the host, you may be looking for the perfect place to throw the party. Having a party inside a home or a shaded place is your best bet – you’re safe from rain or the scorching heat of the sun but it can also be boring. Apart from that, if you are planning to invite more, the whole place can seem smaller and hot. The smartest way to throw a low maintenance fun gathering is to take it outside – a pool party at the country club.

It gets everyone outside and because you will be renting the place, there will be no pre-party cleaning. Plus, having a pool allows your guests – both adults and kids – to be preoccupied giving you a lot of time to prepare for the entire event. When you are considering to host a pool party at a country club, here are some tips for you to consider to have the best pool party ever. 


Something worth thinking about though is adding colorful décor, beach towels, and tableware to make it feel more fun. The brighter the better. Nothing says summer like happy colors, fun floaties, and matching silverware and plates.

No Mess

The country club may offer a free cleaning service if there is any mess but wouldn’t it be nice to minimize the possibility of creating more mess? For example, you should consider using paper plates and disposable cups – just in case someone might drop a plate, and the clean up after guests are gone will very easy.

Delicious Food

The country club may offer you food and drinks or you can ask them if you can bring your own food. Either way, you can go for easy appetizers, stunning sides and of course, grilling. With finger food, choose fresh fruits and vegetable as this will keep your guests hydrated while staying outside.

Great Drinks

Prepare drinks for your guests. Besides the standard beer, soda, and wines, you should consider cocktail mixers. Let your guests add their own alcohol. They will appreciate it as they will enjoy the freedom of creating their own mix. Just make sure to prepare lots of water – people who are out all-day drinking can be at higher risk of experiencing dehydration.

To host the perfect pool party, contact Montclair Country Club, Virginia and let them help you host the summer party of 2019!


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Montclair Country Club, Virginia