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golf at Montclair Country Club, Virginia
30 June
  • June 30, 2020
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Kick Off Summer With A Round Of

With warm and longer days upon us, we have plenty of time to spend outdoors. The warmer temperature gives us a lot of opportunities to enjoy being outside and enjoy the summer. There are plenty of things you can do during summer and one of them is playing golf. Golf is probably one of the oldest and most enjoyable outdoor games there is. Kick off the summer with a round of golf together with your family and a few friends.

Who says golf is only meant for senior citizens? If you didn’t know it yet, golf is played by individuals of any age. In fact, golf has become popular even in the younger generation today.

A breath of fresh air!

Summer is one of the most lovely and well-loved seasons. This is a great time for golfers to get out and practice their swing. Here are several reasons why you should hit up a golf course:

  • It is a form of exercise
    If you get the cart and walk 8 or 9 holes, you are exercising your body. Remember, even walking is already a form of exercise. Playing golf, instead of staying inside and sitting on a couch can definitely burn up some calories. Plus, because you are having fun, it doesn’t feel like exercising at all.


  • Socializing
    This sport is such a great way for people to get a workout while socializing with others. Golf can create camaraderie between people. It allows people to catch up with friends or talk business while playing golf. 


  • Challenging
    Summer must be fun and there is nothing more fun than playing golf. With each hole, the game becomes more challenging and difficult – not to mention the type of course. You are required to challenge yourself and create a technique that will work best so you can get an impressive score.


  • Builds your character.
    The reason why people love golf even though it seems boring to some is because it provides a chance for a person to build his/her character. You learn how to cope with frustration, your patience is tested and you know the value of slowing down. All these traits and characteristics are developed during the process of the golf game. You get to enjoy a game plus it allows you to build your character too.


This summer, do not waste away the great weather. There are a lot of great days for golf this season so take this opportunity to practice your golf skills. Whether you want to play with your friends, business associates or colleagues, one thing is sure – playing golf will give you a wonderful time this summer. 

Montclair Country Club, Virginia