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Country Club
08 September
  • September 8, 2021
  • 2 min read
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Making the Most of Your First 30
Days at a New Club

Golf clubs create a great opportunity to socialize and mingle with people who share similar interests as you. However, joining a new golf club can be intimidating. If you are a new golf club member, remember that those feelings of nervousness are common and you have nothing to be worried about! Don’t let those feelings discourage you from joining a golf club. If you are new to your club, try utilizing these tips to streamline your first 30 days. 

  • Join the orientation

If there is a scheduled orientation, joining it is a great first start. It may sound boring but it’s the best way to learn the dos and don’ts of your new club. It is also the perfect time to have a walk around and introduce yourself to the other people who attended the orientation. Strike up a conversation and ask them some questions, you never know who you’ll meet!

  • Make some effort with your appearance

You joined a golf club so make sure you look the part. Don’t turn up to the first orientation with an untucked shirt. Having a smart and pleasing appearance will help you establish a good impression because it’s easier to talk with other people if you feel more confident in yourself. 

  • Play well

There is no better way to settle in at a new golf club than to play well. If you’ve just started playing golf and have entered a golf club, make sure to improve your skills by getting golf lessons. There are golf lessons tailored to suit every level. It can help you feel at ease and is a good way to improve your golf skills. 

  • Socialize

Joining a golf club doesn’t mean staring at the vast green golf course all day long. Get acquainted with the members of the club and make new friends. Talk to the director of the club and ask for the upcoming events and the details. That way, you can plan ahead of time if you would like to attend the event or not.

  • Bring your family

Introducing your family to the golf club is a great way for you all to get acquainted with it. Your family will also be able to meet the families of your new friends and help them broaden their social circles. 

Participating in the above will help you make the most out of your golf club membership and allow you to grow as a person as well!

Montclair Country Club, Virginia