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  • December 27, 2018
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5 Ways to Have the Best Holiday

When it is time to have a holiday party, you will want to have the best event for your relatives, friends, and coworkers. Taking the time to plan a holiday party is essential, and here are some of the things that you must consider.

Best Holiday Party Tip 1: Choosing a Caterer for Your Party

To have a fun holiday party, you must have an assortment of tasty foods and beverages, but you can’t wait until the day before the event to hire a caterer. Finding a reliable caterer is vital, and that will require talking to previous customers or checking the individual’s business licensing at an online website. Many caterers offer a wide selection of menus, but you will need to taste the foods and beverages to determine what you would like to order for your party.

Best Holiday Party Tip 2: Sending Out the Invitations

To ensure that everyone knows about your party, you must mail invitations to the guests. It is still good manners to send a snail mail invitation to anyone who is invited to your party, but today, more individuals are using other options such as text messages or emails. Whatever type of invitation that you send, it must have the correct date, time and address for the party’s venue along with additional information such as wearing formal evening garments or where a parking lot is located.

Best Holiday Party Tip 3: Renting Items Needed for the Party

If you want to have seating and tables for your guests, then you may need to rent the items from a special company. These companies often rent other types of equipment such as stages for performers or stereo systems for music. When you are providing music at your party, you may need to protect the venue’s floor with specialty flooring that you can rent. Many party rental goods companies offer an assortment of items that you can use for a party, so you should look at the websites of these businesses to make a decision.

Best Holiday Party Tip 4: Decorations for Your Party

You will want to have attractive decor for your party during the holidays, so you can visit stores to buy decorations such as paper streamers, tabletop centerpieces or other items. During the holiday season, many stores will have Christmas ornaments, trees and other decorative things that will make a party’s venue look festive.

Best Holiday Party Tip 5: Find a Venue for Your Party

Unless you live in a mansion, you will need a venue for your holiday party. Renting a space away from your home has multiple benefits, including having a larger parking lot, keeping your home clean and not annoying your neighbors. A deluxe country club is one of the best places to have a party, and you don’t always need to be a member to rent a party space. Contact Montclair Country Club, Virginia in Montclair, Va., at 703-586-6593 to learn more about having a holiday party at our location.

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