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rehearsal dinner
20 April
  • April 20, 2018
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Plan Your Rehearsal Dinner at
Montclair Country Club, Virginia

With any great event comes a great rehearsal, and weddings are no different. In many cases, the rehearsal and subsequent rehearsal dinner are almost as much of an affair as the wedding itself. To help you pull off a spectacular rehearsal dinner, here are a few things to think through beforehand.

Location, Location, Location

With so many elements converging to make your wedding day possible, it’s likely you’re asking a lot of your closest friends and family. Be sure to appropriately delegate responsibilities for the rehearsal dinner so that it doesn’t cause undue stress for those responsible for making the wedding happen. Better yet is to allow outside professionals, such as those here at the country club, to handle all your preparations for you, so your friends and family can simply relax and enjoy this special time along with you. Another thought is to have someone else plan all the details of the rehearsal dinner for you so you can be freed up to focus on all the details of the wedding itself.

As the big day is only a night away, things tend to stressful for not only the bride and groom but for the families and bridal party. After the rehearsal, everyone just wants to sit down, eat, and relax for the remainder of the evening. Some venues do not offer the option for a dinner afterwards for the possibility of space or availability. At Montclair Country Club, Virginia, our wedding coordinator can help you figure out a package suitable for the number of people you plan on having for dinner. No need to worry about set up or clean up. Best of all, you and your guests do not have to worry about rushing across town trying to make it to your reservation at a restaurant. While many restaurants are packed for dinner, we can assure you that you will have a more intimate setting where the servers are solely focused on you.


Keep it Short

Even after the rehearsal dinner is over, there’s still a lot to do to get ready for the big day. Final preparations need to be made, bachelor and bachelorette parties need to be had, and everyone needs to try and squeeze in at least a few hours of sleep so they can have the energy to get everything done the next day. It’s certainly okay to take the time to recognize special people and visit with friends and loved ones. After all, your wedding day will probably be too crazy to spend too much meaningful time with those you care about the most. Just try to keep it reasonable so time doesn’t get away from you and you end up not having enough time to do the other things you want and need to do.

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Montclair Country Club, Virginia