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wedding planning
30 April
  • April 30, 2020
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Planning Your Wedding Around

COVID-19 has caused us a lot of worries and uncertainties — especially for the couples who are supposed to have their wedding around this time of year. Your wedding is supposed to be a day of happiness and celebrated with all your loved ones and friends. But with the whole world fighting against this pandemic, you can’t help but wonder whether to carry on with the wedding, postpone or even cancel it. 

Now, with large gatherings of more than 10 strictly prohibited while the pandemic continues, many restaurants, churches, offices, and venues are also closing temporarily as a way of preventing the spread of the virus. 

Don’t cancel the wedding…postpone it

While our minds might still be swirling with lots of thoughts about everything that is happening in our world today, more often than not, the decision of canceling your wedding date might have been made for you by your local government. However, canceling your wedding date doesn’t mean your wedding can no longer happen. Soon, when everything is over and the pandemic has been totally contained, you can continue with your big day.

It is normal to feel frustrated, angry, and sad with the turn of events. But you have to understand that the most important thing right now is to keep you and your loved ones safe and away from the threat of this virus. So, if you have scheduled your wedding in March, April, or May 2020, then postponement is the safest choice. 

If you have a wedding scheduled here at Montclair, contact us as soon as possible so we can discuss the next steps in the rescheduling process. 

What will happen next?

Rescheduling your wedding is far more stressful than planning it. There are so many things to put into consideration to make sure that everything will fall into place the way that it should be. After you have decided to postpone your wedding, the next thing that you should do is to call your vendors. 

If you are planning to have the wedding within this year, then you need to contact your vendors and planner as dates will definitely get full easily because of the number of weddings that have been postponed. You also need to put into consideration your wedding theme. Moving your spring-themed wedding in the fall may require a lot of changes — from seasonal decor, menus, color trends, and flowers. If this is something you prefer not to change, then consider moving your wedding into the spring of the following year. 

Do not carry all the burden of wedding re-planning and rescheduling on your shoulder. Talk to your vendors and planners about your worries. Ask them for suggestions on how to carry on the wedding on another date with the least cost and damage. 

This virus has shaken us in so many ways. Don’t let the postponement of your wedding get you down. Remember, you are only rescheduling the date, your love for each other will last a lifetime. Your main goal right now is to keep yourself and your guests healthy and away from the virus. And when this is all over, you can celebrate love and enjoy the best days of your life. 

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