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Montclair Country Club, Virginia – Policies and Procedures

This publication summarizes important rules and regulations for all members and guests. Play on the course will be in accordance with the current USGA Rules of Golf and local rules giving you and other members the best opportunity to enjoy your experiences at Montclair Country Club, Virginia.

Check In Policy

All golfers must check in with the golf shop prior to starting play. Members are required to alert the Pro-Shop staff that they will be playing. All play will start on the first tee unless directed / approved by the Pro- Shop staff. We ask you to be considerate to fellow members by having your group “ready to go” at least (10) minutes prior to your starting time. “Ready to go” refers to all players having completed registering in the golf shop.

Scheduled Events

All Club Events and Outside Contracted Special Events have precedence over regular starting times and open play. All members are encouraged to call the Golf Shop before attempting to “Walk On” to ensure availability.

Dress Code

Appropriate attire is required at all times in the clubhouse, on the golf course, and on the practice facilities. Shorts for men and women and skirts for women, must be no more than four inches above the knee and hemmed or cuffed. For men, all shirts must have sleeves; for women, shirts must have a collar. Members and guests failing to adhere to the dress code will not be permitted on the golf course or practice facilities. It is the responsibility of the Member to inform their guests of the dress code at Montclair Country Club, Virginia. Inappropriate attire includes, but is not limited to, denim, cut-off shorts, running shorts, spandex, tank tops, halter tops or tee shirts. Montclair Country Club, Virginia is a non-metal spike facility.


All guests must register in the golf shop. Members are responsible for the conduct and all financial obligations incurred by their guests. If guests do not register in the golf shop, the prevailing guest rate will be charged to the member’s account.


Practice Facilities

All golfers are required to check in with the golf shop prior to using the range or practice facilities. Range balls are located at the golf shop and are intended for the range and short game practice areas only. The range will be open from one hour after dawn until one hour before dusk, except on range maintenance days. The range maintenance schedule is: Range will close on Wednesdays @ 5PM for clean picking. Range will re-open Thursdays @ 10AM after mowing. Please note that this schedule may change to accommodate special events.

The grass tee area will be available at the discretion of the golf course superintendent, or his designated representative, based on weather conditions and/or maintenance requirements. We will strive to have grass tees open seven days a week from mid-May to early October. All golfers using the driving range are subject to rules of the day.  

Club Repair Service

We will again offer club repair services in-house for the season. Re-gripping and re-shafting services are available. For pricing and information please call us at golf shop at 703-670-7503 x 106.

Pace of Play

An appropriate pace of play must be maintained so that all members and guests can enjoy their round of golf. A round of golf at Montclair Country Club, Virginia should be completed in 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Each player is responsible for their group maintaining proper position on the golf course in relation to the rest of the field. The position of the group following has no bearing in determining whether or not a player’s pace of play is satisfactory.

If a group falls out of position and is restricting the pace of play they will be instructed by the Golf Professional to improve their pace.

If the group continues to lag, a second warning will be delivered by the Golf Professional and the group will be asked to skip holes to get back into position.

This policy will be enforced.


At the Turn

It is important to keep the pace of play and maintain your position when stopping at the turn. During the golf season, weather permitting, we will provide a food and beverage cart on the course to better serve you and provide a more enjoyable golfing experience.

Cart Policy

Members and guests are required to check-in and sign our “cart agreement receipt” prior to being given a golf cart. General cart guidelines are as follows:


  • All carts are subject to the posted rules.


  • The golf cart driver is responsible for physical damage to golf carts in their possession.
  • Daily cart rules are posted in the Pro-Shop.
  • Daily cart rules will be made by the Golf Course Superintendent and will be administered  by the club Golf Professional
  • No individual without a valid driver’s license is allowed to operate a golf cart
  • All carts must remain on the cart path within 50 yards from each green and tee.
  • All carts must obey posted directional signs and rope on the fairways and cart paths.
  • Golf carts must remain on the cart path on all par 3 holes.
  • Standard golf carts may only be occupied with a maximum of two individuals. Limousine carts allow up to four individuals.



Golf Course Care

To maintain enjoyable course conditions, we need every player to be conscientious and help. Please always take time to:


  • Repair your ball mark, and at least one other on the green.


  • Replace your divots and/or fill your divots with the sand mixture provided on the golf carts.
  • Rake bunkers and return rakes to an area inside of the bunker on the opposite side of greenside bunkers and on the fairway side of fairway bunkers.
  • Avoid all wet areas with the golf carts.




 Credit Book & Chit Book

 Credit book will continue. Credits need to be used by December 31st.

 Guest Passes

Guest passes can only be used Monday – Friday. Guest passes will not be honored for weekend shotgun play.

Cart Covers and Heaters

Montclair Country Club, Virginia is not responsible for any loss of, or damages to, cart covers and heaters.

Heaters and bottles of propane must be disconnected for storage. Please do not leave propane gas connected in the carts. Any cart damages caused by a heater or cart cover will be charged to the member responsible for the damage.

Lessons and Clinics

Montclair Golf Academy is staffed with professional instructors and is outfitted with excellent equipment to help fulfill all your game improvement goals. All members of Montclair Country Club, Virginia are in entitled to a Complimentary Club Fitting or Game Evaluation annually with the renewal of their club membership.  


Juniors must be at least 6 years of age for access to the golf course with adult supervision. The parents of juniors, 12 years of age and older, may request that their child be evaluated by the Golf Professional to determine if they qualify to use the practice facilities and golf course without adult supervision.

All juniors are expected to follow the rules of golf etiquette as stated by the USGA. Juniors accompanied by an adult or instructor will be permitted to use the practice facilities. These rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Golf Professional based on the ability of the junior and the seasonal demand of play.

Montclair Country Club, Virginia will offer Spring Break junior camps as well nine different summer half-day sessions. For a complete listing or if you have any questions, please contact us at 703-670-03 x 106.

*** Daily contest with overall weekly winner! ***

Tournaments Handicapping Information * Guidelines * Requirements

All members of Montclair Country Club, Virginia are entitled to maintain their handicap at the club for no additional fee.  We encourage all members to participate in member events and tournaments. (Certain eligibility requirements may be required as listed below).

Event Eligibility


  • A member must have a valid USGA Handicap Index maintained at Montclair Country Club, Virginia to qualify and participate in any of Montclair Member events.  


  • A new Montclair member who does not have a valid USGA Handicap Index may qualify to participate in a club event by obtaining a temporary handicap by playing three golf rounds, with other members, and submitting their scorecard to the Head Golf Professional to establish a temporary handicap.
  • To maintain eligibility, a player must follow all rules of posting scores for handicap purposes (see Members’ Responsibilities section, below)  



Members’ Responsibilities

Each member has the responsibility of maintaining his or her handicap.  It is important to become familiar with the guidelines and obligations of keeping a handicap.

In order to participate in Montclair Country Club, Virginia State Golf Association (VSGA), and Middle Atlantic Golf Association (MAGA), Washington Metropolitan Golf Association (WMGA) or United States Golf Association (USGA) tournaments or events, a member must obtain and maintain a valid USGA Handicap Index. A valid index is maintained by posting all eligible scores on the handicap computer located in the Montclair golf shop or the computer at any golf club which is part of the Virginia State Golf Association handicap network. Players may also post via the internet through the GHIN website WWW.GHIN.COM  or by using the GHIN app which is available for most smartphones through iTunes or Google Play. (Please contact the Montclair Country Club, Virginia staff for details on how to post scores through the internet).  

A member must post a minimum of five (5) 18 – holes scores in order to generate an official Handicap Index. In addition, all members must post a minimum of Five (5) 18 –holes scores over the course of a 12-month period in order to participate in club events.

Tournament Handicapping Information * Guidelines * Requirements

The following guidelines must be adhered to by each member who wishes to maintain a valid Handicap Index.


  • The member must post all scores which are shot in accordance with the Rules of Golf. Rounds which are not valid for handicap purposes include captain’s choices (scrambles) and any rounds where the member does not play his/her own ball completely and exclusively. Playing a “practice” round should not be a reason for failing to post a score.


  • Nine (9) holes scores must be posted. The handicap system will save it and combine it with the next nine (9) holes score entered to make an eighteen (18) holes score. The nine (9) holes rounds may be on the same side. The computer will calculate the proper rating and slope.
  • The member must verify the tees played every time a score is posted. If 13 holes or more are played, an 18 holes score must be posted. To “fill in” the missing holes not played, the member should give himself a ‘net par’ on each hole – a gross par plus any handicap stroke(s) normally received on that hole.
  • Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) must be applied to a score prior to posting it in the computer. ESC is a process which keeps a handicap from being artificially inflated based on one or more abnormally high scoring holes during a round
  • In the handicapping system there is a special designation for “tournament” scores. A member who participates in a Montclair Country Club, Virginia tournament or event must specify his or her round (if eligible) as a “tournament” round when posting that score (the computer will prompt for this information).




Montclair Country Club, Virginia Tournament Handicapping

Each Montclair Country Club, Virginia tournament or event that has a net component will have a handicapping formula specific to the event. In most occurrences, all formulas are taken from the USGA Handicap Manual, where there are numerous guidelines for handicapping various formats of golf. If a format is being played which is not recognized by the USGA (e.g. scramble), a handicap formula will be established to give all players a fair chance at winning.


Tournaments – Flights & Divisions, General Rules

As participation in Montclair Country Club, Virginia tournaments and events has increased, some members prefer to play these events from the same tees that they play casually.

Since the Handicap System contains allowances for competitions when players are playing from different tees, there is no reason not to allow members to play their “regular” tees in a tournament, unless the specific format of a tournament requires play from designated tees.

Each tournament entry form will list all possible competitive flights for which prizes may be awarded. These are subject to change (addition and/or deletion of flights) depending on the number of players that register for a given flight.

Montclair Country Club, Virginia Tournament Rules

Except where noted, tournaments and events will follow the USGA Rules of Golf. It is the responsibility of each player to know the Rules of Golf and apply them fairly and honestly to protect the integrity of the field. Each tournament will have a local rule sheet distributed to participants prior to the start of the event. Rules which will be in effect for all events are listed below:


  • All participants wishing to compete in a Montclair Country Club, Virginia member event must register either in person or via e-mail to Phone entries will not be accepted. Entry registration sheets will be available in the golf shop 30 days prior to each event. Entry registration deadlines will be 72 hours prior to each event. Following the registration deadline, if a member decides he would like to play, a provisional or ‘wait-list’ will be kept by the Club Management on a first-come, first served basis. This ‘wait-list’ may be used for two purposes:


  • If a registered member withdraws from the event, they may be replaced by the next name on the provisional list. The replacement then assumes the financial responsibility for that spot.
  • If the number of participants is not evenly divisible by four (4), up to three (3) players from the provisional list may be added to create foursomes for each group.



Please note that members signing up for the provisional list are not guaranteed a spot in the event.


  • In accordance with the VSGA policies, the use of laser range-finders or GPS-based systems will be permitted for all events, providing distance information only. Rule 14-3.


Devices providing information about gradient, wind speed or direction, temperature, etc. are not permitted.


  • Participants in any Montclair Country Club, Virginia sponsored event (tournament or league) may not bring a non-participant (e.g. child, parent, spouse or friend) onto the course in any capacity. Spectators nor are permitted. Exceptions may be approved upon request.


  • Each Participant/team will be required to submit a completed, signed and attested scorecard to be eligible for placement/prizes.



In stroke-play events, play-offs will be used to break first-place ties only. All other ties will be addressed using the USGA recommended method in the following manner:


  • Best score for the last nine (9) holes (holes 10-18)


  • Best score for the last six (6) holes (holes 13- 18)
  • Best score for the last three (3) holes (16-18)
  • Best score for the last hole (#18)
  • Hole-by-hole scorecard matching, starting with the #1 handicap hole.




(Note: for net ties, the appropriate handicap allowances will be used to determine the correct net score).

Tournaments – Entry Fees, Prizes & Awards Entry

Montclair Country Club, Virginia will continue to use a “pay-per-event” policy which will allow the club to maximize the prize pool (based on the number of participants) for a given event and allow members to schedule only the event in which they choose to participate.

For each event a member enters, an entry fee must be paid by the member prior to tee off. The entry fee will cover the following:


  • Prize pool


  • Any additional amenities associated with the event (food/beverages, etc.)





Prizes will be awarded in the form of credit in each members’ account (credit book). All tournament credits earned in events/tournaments may be used for in-stock merchandise at Montclair Country Club, Virginia. Credits may not be used for any other purchases including tournament entry fees, cart fees, guest fees, membership payments and lessons.



In addition to the credit book mentioned above, winners of various tournaments may receive other awards and/or benefits. Defined tournament winners will be invited to the Inaugural Annual Champions Dinner. Only members who have participated in a member tournament will be invited to the Champions Dinner.


Pairing/Tee Assignments

All pairings for Member Tournaments will be determined by random draw. Pairing requests will not be accepted. The only exception to this rule would be two-day events, when pairings on the second day are determined by performance on the first day of competition.

The following pages list information for each Montclair Country Club, Virginia Member Tournament and Qualifiers. While every effort has been made to provide as much detail as possible in this program, and while every attempt will be made to adhere to the information provided herein, please note that Montclair Country Club, Virginia Management reserves the right to make changes to any event/tournament as they deem necessary, including but not limited to dates, formats, flights, entry fees and prizes. 


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