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montclair country club
24 July
  • July 24, 2018
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Swimming at Montclair Country Club,

Swimming is a wonderful activity for people of all ages. Not only is it a great way to cool off on hot summer days with family and friends, but also it is a wonderful way to tone nearly every muscle in your body while also improving the health of your heart and lungs. At Montclair Country Club, Virginia, we offer a large swimming pool that is open seasonally during the summer months, and we also offer swim memberships to our members who are most interested in getting the full benefits from swimming. Check out some of the benefits that you can find with us below.

Great for the Heart and Lungs

Swimming is a cardio exercise that raises your heart rate, helping you build endurance while also burning calories. It is a great way to keep your heart healthy and strong for a lifetime. Plus, swimming helps you build up respiratory health as you are forced to take deep, rhythmic breaths.


Builds Healthy Bones and Muscles

Swimming works out almost all of your muscles, including those in your upper body, lower body and especially your core. In fact, it is a great exercise for working out your lesser-used muscles along the backside of your body, including those in your back and buttocks. Additionally, strong muscles make for strong bones.


Easy on the Joints

While you are working out your entire body at one time, you do not have to worry about stressing out your joints. Instead, swimming is a protective activity for your joints, which do not have to pound the pavement or jump through hoops but instead only have to move fluidly through the water.


Mental Health Benefits

Swimming is relaxing and helps to alleviate stress. Thus, it can help calm your mind, aiding in creativity and comprehension.


One of the Best Summertime Activities

You certainly cannot deny that swimming is the epitome of a great summertime activity that has been enjoyed for centuries in lakes, streams and ocean beaches around the world. Swimming is a great activity for toddlers and schoolchildren as well as for adults of all ages. On very hot days, swimming can help to lower your core body temperature and keep you safe from high heat indexes.


Swimming Is Fun at Montclair

Montclair Country Club, Virginia’s swimming pool makes swimming fun with a larger pool for adults and teenagers and a toddler pool for our youngest members. Our pool has a fun, enclosed water slide and a basketball hoop for exciting water sports. We also offer lounge chairs for tanning, umbrella-shaded tables for relaxing or dining, a nearby clubhouse and locker rooms with showers and changing areas.


Memberships Keep Swimming Affordable

While we offer several types of pool passes, we highly recommend our swimming memberships to the most dedicated water fans. With one reasonable fee, you can enjoy an entire summer of cool, water fun for you and your entire family. Members can also enjoy pool parties set up by Montclair CC.

Montclair Country Club, Virginia