* Members please still contact the Pro Shop for your tee time booking

At this time, it is not possible to actually book your tee time online, though we hope to be able to do so in the future. For now, please call the pro shop to arrange your group’s tee time. You may use the form below to “request” a tee time, but it is not in the books until we call you or email you back with confirmation that your request is possible.

Due to heavy play during certain months, we ask you to be sure of your exact tee time and have your group ready to go approximately ten minutes prior to your tee time. This will certainly prevent us from falling behind schedule, therefore, making your round more enjoyable. Tee times may be scheduled 5 days in advance beginning at 9 a.m.

Maintaining a Proper Play Rate

When the course is full, the rate of play becomes very important in keeping the players moving smoothly. Here are a few notes on the subject to help our players maintain a good playing rate:
Many people don’t realize that they should be concerned about the group ahead of them, rather than the group behind them. Playing too fast can be as detrimental as playing too slow, a group can be out of position and still ahead of their average time per hole recommendations.

If you keep up with the group ahead, you will never run the risk of being out of position. Try staying no more than a half a hole behind the group in front of you and never more than one hole behind.
Fast paced players will run the risk of not being able to “play through” slower groups when the course is full. This can happen especially on days when there are solid tee times from 7:00 a.m. to noon or later. Please note, that we add time to the round when groups have to constantly let other groups play through.

You can find yourself out of position and still be playing ahead of the generally accepted pace. If the group ahead of you is playing at a pace that is faster than the 14 minute per hole average, by keeping pace with them the rest of the course must also try to keep that pace. Slowing your group down not only affects your group, but the rest of the course falls behind. If your group falls behind by more than the entire hole, you may be warned by our on course hosts (even if you are at a pace to finish at 4 hours 12 minutes or less).

Looking to Book Your Tee Time?

  • You may always call the Golf Pro Shop at (703-586-6601) to request a tee time. You also may email them at cody.pestun@montclaircc.com to request or cancel a tee time.

    Filling out this form is only a request and not a confirmation of booking a tee time. Your tee time will not be confirmed until you receive a phone call or an email from our Golf Pro Shop.

    Please fill out and submit:
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Please contact Cody Pestun, Head Golf Professional

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