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28 September
  • September 28, 2018
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Ultimate Guide For Your Fall

Autumn is the perfect season for a wedding, whether indoors or out. The natural backdrop of breathtaking hues and the crisp fall air combine to create an atmosphere like no other, ideal for celebrating the joining of two unique souls.

Planning your picturesque fall wedding can be tricky though. Choosing the right colors, flowers, lighting and cuisine to complement the season takes time and effort. This guide can save you both.

The Venue

Whether you decide to tie the knot outdoors or in, you’ll want to take advantage of the color show going on in the trees. An outdoor ceremony does this to the fullest but weather tends to be finicky in the fall. Indoors may be the best, or only, option. Should your wedding be inside, a venue with plenty of windows for natural light will be ideal.

The Colors

Autumn weddings are stunning, aren’t they? People often choose to utilize the traditional seasonal colors, the gold and crimson and warm browns. While these are lovely and classic, there are many other colors that complement what nature already provides. Plum, evergreen, and ivory tones are exceptionally pretty for fall, as well as navy, teal, or deep rose pink.

The Decor

One of the things that makes a fall wedding so special is the seasonal decor available. From fallen leaves and pumpkins to rustic branches and burlap, the options are endless. It’s easy to mix and match textures to create a beautiful visual display. Try pairing sparkling crystal with a burlap table runner or tie satin ribbon around rough branches. The contrast creates depth and interest that your guest will remember.

The Lighting

An effective way to create a warm, romantic atmosphere for your ceremony and reception is through lighting. Fall can be chilly so adding even the illusion of warmth can make a big difference. Make use of fairy lights and candles everywhere you can, from backdrops to centerpieces and especially dark corners. Mix different types of lights in with clusters of branches, pumpkin arrangements, or loose leaves. For an extra boost, use a few vanilla or cinnamon scented candles throughout the room.

The Food

It’s important not to leave your menu as an afterthought during all the other planning. The food you serve your guests can make or break your event. A poorly thought out or incongruous meal will stick in your guests’ minds longer than an exquisite one. Seasonal food should be offered, even if it’s something traditional with a modern twist. Consider what types of food you crave in the fall and work with your event planner and/or chef to create a unique, flavorful menu.

When it comes to the ultimate fall wedding, every detail matters. It can seem daunting, trying to make sure that everything is just right for your big day. Utilizing the tips in this guide can take some of the stress out of planning and leave you free to live happily ever after.

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