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30 July
  • July 30, 2020
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VA State Reopening: Is It Safe To
Have A Wedding?

With COVID19 in the U.S. still on the rise in the U.S., a lot of engaged couples have been having to put a hold on their wedding plans this year. However, a wedding is typically not an event you plan in just a couple of days or weeks. Many couples have been planning their wedding for months hoping to wed this year. 

With the unexpected turn of events, COVID19 has surprised the world and all wedding plans had to be put on hold or canceled. COVID19 can be transmitted through droplets or close encounters with the carrier of the virus. Due to this, it is required to wear a mask all the time, stay at home most of the time and no large gatherings are allowed. What about your planned wedding with over 200 guests invited? Most states, such as Virginia, are now reopening after months of closures. Is it safe to have a wedding? Unless there is no vaccine available, it will be difficult for large gatherings to happen for a while. 

However, some couples might push through with their weddings but with restrictions put in place. It is a different time these days and weddings will surely look a little different. If you are one of those couples who wanted to proceed with your weddings during this pandemic because the states are reopening anyway, there are standard safety measures and protocols you should take note of. 

  • Downsize your guest list
    While you want to invite all your relatives and friends to witness your wedding, it might not be possible at all. If you must push through with the wedding, make sure the gathering is extremely small which means there might be less than a hundred people invited.
  • Weddings should be held outdoors
    Both the wedding ceremony and reception should be held outdoors – a garden style wedding or under an event tent which allows plenty of social distancing for guests.
  • No buffet or self-service food
    The fewer interactions guests have with other people, the safer it is. Even with your mask on, it is still recommended to stay at a safe distance from other people to reduce the risk of virus transmission. Having individual meals will be a safer option.
  • Provide disinfectant and sanitizer to your guests
    You can place hand sanitizing stations all around where guests can have easy access to it. It will encourage your guests to regularly disinfect – which is important especially since your guests might touch a shared surface with other guests such as tables and chairs.


Organizing a wedding and making it happen at these trying times can be difficult as there are a lot of restrictions and your guests might not go due to safety issues. However, if you must push through, follow the things mentioned above and enjoy your wedding with a few people that matter most to you. 

Montclair Country Club, Virginia