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Fall Marriage
14 October
  • October 14, 2021
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Wedding Ideas For Fall

The best aspect of planning a fall wedding is being able to enjoy the beautifully crisp sunshine and fall colors without too much heat that will make you and your guests uncomfortably.

Planning for a wedding in the fall comes with other benefits and ideas as well. With the cool, crisp weather and gorgeous foliage, it is just the perfect season to get married. The colors of fall such as bright oranges and deep reds are spectacular to see and will give you endless opportunities to create a stylish wedding theme. From outfit suggestions to wedding theme recommendations, fall is just the best season to plan a wedding.

Here are some wedding ideas for fall to give you a bit of design inspiration for your fall wedding including:

  • Fall inspired wedding décor

You can make use of the most common fall décor including pumpkin and leaves. You can line up the pumpkin in the aisle. You can choose to get it hallowed so you can make a pretty planter making them the perfect aisle decoration. If you are on a tight budget, make a leaf lined aisle especially if you love an outdoor wedding. Save some money by using colored leaves off in the aisle. It can create a rustic look, perfect for couples who are into nature and simplicity.

  • Seasonal treats and drinks

Adding a signature fall drink to your bar such as spiced rum cider or ice bucket filled with pumpkin beer. Serving warm fall drinks like hot cocoa can also set the mood for your fall themed wedding.

  • Fall themed desserts and cakes

Instead of using a traditional cake holder for your wedding cake, why not use an actual tree stump? It’s a cool way to incorporate fall décor to your fall themed wedding plus it can give your cake an earthy and natural element. You can also consider adding a candy apple dipping station. Guests will surely love making their own delicious dipped dessert. 

There are simply a lot of wedding ideas for fall. Your bridesmaids can also wear rich jewel tone-colored dresses. Any season is perfect to get married but a wedding in fall presents a lot of ideas that you don’t have during other seasons. Fall is just the perfect season for couples who want vibrant colors plus fall evenings just sparkle, perfect for a wedding party that lasts up till night. If you’re looking for a place to have your dream fall wedding, come check us out at Montclair Country Club!

Montclair Country Club, Virginia